April 25, 2005

What you can do if you just broke up

There are basically three avenues you can take if you just broke up:
  • The first one is to go solo. You don't look for help. You only rely on yourself and on your inner resources. You might ask some friends for advice and tips on how to handle this situation. You might ask some people for feed back on what to do next.
  • The second one is to get a book or e-book on the topic. Check my example. This option will give you strategies, ideas, mind sets to solev this challenge wisely and effectively.
  • The third option is to get live help. Live help means signing in for coaching sessions. You get a whole support structure which gives you a space to share your story, understand the dynamics of your break up, get targeted strategies to deal with the challenges, be warned by break up pitfalls, etc.

You are of course free!!!

You decide the way you want to handle this challenge.

What is the best option?

To tell you the truth, it totally depends on your own life skills and the way you feel right now.

A break up can be very smooth or totally devastating depending on the way you look at it and handle it.

I know many guys who would take 2 or 3 years to recover from a break up.

During that time, they won't date, they will put their whole social life on hold and try to forget while longing every single day to get back to their ex.

2 to 3 years is a long time!!! Far too long if you want to go on with your life!

Imagine the amount of time and opportunities wasted because you are not emotionally ready to move on.

In worst case scenarios, you might not even truly heal because this break up might have eroded your self esteem and confidence.

What I see is that your life is under attack.

If you break up, you are challenged by a situation which can negatively impact on all aspects of your life and personality.

The truth is that there is a direct and simple way to handle this situation.

If you get a break up "road map" you can actually avoid many break up pitfalls and jump to your next life stage much faster.

This does not mean avoiding the mourning period.

It does not mean avoiding key break up or relationship issues.

This is not denial. You don't try to blind yourself from reality.

No, you simply face reality, learn what you need to learn, develop new life power skills and discover how to move on much faster.

This is what I can teach you via my e-book or coaching sessions.

What works best?

Well, both approaches are excellent and they will both give you the targeted support and strategies you need. With live help I will spell out the strategies in greater detail and give you as well continuity in your power recovery path.

I am very much aware that this is an investment. If you sign in for the "1 month total support" option for instance you will get weekly sessions, e-book, call back option, email and phone support between weekly sessions in case you need an urgent power boost.

I know this system works because I have seen the results. It is rare to have one of my clients need more after that. Usually after one month, you are ready to start focusing on dating again and manifesting your full personal power.

What does this mean? That within one month, your life is back on track.

After a break up, specially when she is the one who decides to split, your level of power can be low, sometimes only 20% to 50% of your true potential. You might have difficulties to eat, work, sleep and stay healthy. This is what I help you with first.

I make sure that your life stays on track.

My goal is to help you get back to a full healthy 100% personal potential within one month.

Imagine the impact that this can have in the months or years to come.

It is of course priceless.

After making sure you stay on track, I help you find answers. You probably have this questions in you: "why did that happen?", "why did she leave?", etc.

We'll find direct answers to these questions.

The next step is to design a strategy for the future. Many guys want to try to get back together with their ex. This is one of the key break up challenge because in 95% of the cases, getting back together does not work.

Why is that? It would be too long to explain it here. I would actually need a whole e-book to tell you.

So, the first challenge is to bring back the full focus on your life.

This is the next step we focus on. Basically, this means shifting from thinking "us", "couple" to thinking "Me!", "individual".

You know exactly how to do that. I simply help you recover your natural skills.

A break up is a crisis situation.

A crisis requires emergency resources.

What are these resources? You can call them survival drive. These are natural instincts which wake up when your life is in danger. It is like an adrenaline rush or a specific shift in your consciousness.

A break up means that the relationship vehicle has collapsed.

This relationship vehicle used to provide you with an emotional base. This was your life foundation. It was giving you security. It is like a temple or a building with two key pillars.

When your partner is gone one of the pillars disappears. This is why you need emergency resources to deal with that.

Usually, your physical survival is not threatened. You have usually enough food and shelter.

What is missing is emotional security. You feel a gap.

This is why your mind and life need to speed up to tap into new resources.

This challenge can actually be one of the most empowering moments in your life. It is a period where you can realize deep truths about your life and yourself and simply tap into resources you did not even know you had.

This is why I am excited in working with you during such period.

I use the term excitemnet with total respect. Don't get me wrong, I am not excited if I see you in pain.

I am excited because I can see a whole line of potentials in you ready to wake up and be expressed.

This is what I want to help you with if you give me your permission.

Check these two links e-book or coaching sessions to find out more.

Take care and stay in touch