September 28, 2005

Who am I to give you advice?

That's probably the question you want to ask, right?

You think: "yeah! right, another one of those self help products!"

To tell you the truth, I often get saturated by what I see online. On one hand, there is all this marketing hype.

It is a real jungle to identify what will truly help you in taking your next life step.

I will tell you exactlly why I am an expert in helping men solve their break up challenge.

First of all, I am a professional life coach. This means that I help people full time with their lives.

Some of them, I help them with break up issues. Others with other types of challenges.

Let's check the break up side.

When I first started coaching, my first client was facing a break up issue and was desperate to share his story with someone.

I did not hesitate a second. In fact, I coached him for free for a few months.

After that, I did help here and there men and women facing break up issues.

Very soon, I realized that I needed to find a real set of strategies rather than simply offer a shoulder to cry.

I went on coaching more men in break up situations.

I spent the following 3 months in online forums full time answering break up questions.

This gave me the occasion to listen to thousands of stories (really!!!) first hand and design effective targeted strategies for these situations.

By that time, I woke up one morning and put together 10 key strategies that I felt summarized everything I had learned so far.

A couple of weeks later, these 10 steps evolved in the form of a targeted e-book.

This is the one I offer you now. In the coming months, I would coach more men and record extra MP3 audio power kicks directed to key break up challenges.

The goal of these audios is truly to complement the e-book. The listening experience is great to immerse yourself in this fighting and "power back" mood.

This project did not simply wake up like that one morning. It evolved over a few years to reach the point of maturity it is in right now.

Behind the words you will soon read, there are mind sets and key ideas on how to use your power. It is a transforming experience because you get all this knowledge, strategies and motivation at once.

I had myself of course my share of break up situations and I can identify myself totally with what you feel if you are in a break up situation right now.

My first implusion is a caring movement. I feel this sense of brotherhood and complicity towards any guy trapped in a break up challenge.

My goal with this e-book is to help you push these doors open and break through whatever is limiting you right now.

There are moments when you need to wake up your fighting spirit. This is one of them! It is a battle for survival and the moment you decide to pick up your sword and fight, everything changes.

This is your life and no one can steal it from you.

Happiness and power are qualities that you deserve!

Now, when these are challenged, you can either take a passive attitude and let this situation flood you or you can wake up on the spot and fight!

What will it be?

Get your copy of the e-book

I am here to help

Your friend