October 21, 2005

Why these strategies work in divorce situations as well

If you want a smooth an quick divorce, this is definitely the way to go.

The truth is that emotional issues often stop you from solving legal aspects faster.

This can stop you from moving on.

In a divorce you have two aspects:

The first one is the legal divorce.

The second one is the emotional divorce.

While a lawyer is definitely better suited to help you with legal matters, he or she has usually little to give you when it comes to dealing with the emotional side of your divorce.

It is essential to tackle your divorce on these two aspects at the same time.

It is a double sided battle and the last thing you want is to bring emotional issues right into the court room.

The court does not care about your emotions or how it feel.

It cares only about one thing: your rights and the rights of your ex.

This is why you need to be smart and realize that you need two totally different sets of strategies to deal with legal or emotional matters.

In this e-book, you deal with the emotional side of the break up, divorce or separation.

These strategies are the same whether you were married or not.

I added as well 6 new audio power kicks to deal specifically with divorce situations:

Two sides of a divorce– MP3 - 8 min
Special strategies for divorce situations – MP3 - 8 min
Key divorce pitfalls – MP3 - 8 min
What if you have children together – MP3 - 8 min
Splitting assets – MP3 - 8 min
What are your rights? – MP3 - 9 min

Remember that all your MP3 audios are included when your purchase your e-book

To you success!