September 17, 2007

What you must do in the first week after your break up - ARTICLE

Well, the entire e-book and MP3 audios are actually focused on that.

It is about action rather than victimization.

Because your emotional base is shifted instantly when you break up, it takes some time to rebuild your mind accordingly.

Right now, you are standing in front of this mountain and wonder if there is a magic pill which will transpose you to the summit instantly.

You can guess my answer right?

It all starts with a first step (you already took that one by searching for help, getting this e-book, etc.)

Now, the next step is to apply all strategies described in your program.

The top key ones are to train, go to work and lightly activate your social life.

These three elements are described in detail in your e-book and this is what keeps you focused.

By taking positive action consistently, you rebuild yourself a new power base.

Give yourself a month to reach your target of being back at 80% of your power.

To your power!