May 2, 2008

Why did she break up? - Some overlooked relationship deal breakers - ARTICLE

Some possible break up causes which are often overlooked:
  • Cultural background

This can be a major cause for break ups. She might not mention it but act on it. In her world, having someone from the same cultural background might allow her to relax and feel comforted within her existing mind sets. The same type of limitation can apply if you are from different countries.

  • Family approval

A mother or father who does not approve of the relationship can be a deal breaker. Family pressure can feel very intense for a girl. Sometimes she will let go of the relationship simply to find some peace of mind.

  • Friends approval

Same story as family approval. Key friends can have lots of influence on her choices.

  • Wealth and social status

Yes! Some women marry for money. If your material base, job or income is not strong enough in her eyes, this can be another deal breaker. Yes! Women will frequently break up over such issue. They might not admit it, because they can feel ashamed of it, but they will give you hints by complaining about your material situation or questioning your life choices.


This is only a sample.

There can of course be many more deal breakers.

If you are unsure about what did lead to your break up, get in touch and sign up for a coaching session.

I'll be happy to check your unique situation and give you direct feed back:

You might look at these reasons and think:

"These should not be deal breakers! They have nothing to do with love!"

Well, wake up!

In the perfect romantic dream, it's only about love, right?

Now, in the real world, many of these ingredients can play a significant role in building a solid long lasting relationship.

The ingredients I mention above like family approval or social status can play a weak or strong role depening on your ex's personality and life choices.

In some cases, they won't influence your relationship.

In others, they will be amongst the key factors strengthening or destroying your partnership depending on how high you score with them.

This is simply the way it works in real life.