May 25, 2009

Breakup survival strategies

Here are some key mind sets you need to wake up in you. These are survival strategies. They are not optional. If you don't apply them, your are dead!

  • You are not a victim, you are a winner. In fact this break up might be the best thing which ever happened to you. Put it this way: you are free!

  • She is gone and gone forever. You won't get back together. In other terms don't hope she'll change her mind. If you meet her by coincidence, don't see this as a secret sign that you two are meant for each other!

  • You don't need her. This is an illusion. You are perfectly fine with or without her.

  • You will meet new girls or women. Right now, she does not deserve the attention your give her

  • Alcohol or drugs do not help. Getting drunk is the worst thing you can do. Drinking does not give you your power back. In fact it does exactly the opposite.

  • You owe her nothing! A relationship is a temple with two pillars. If she takes off, consider yourself 100% free. Let it totally collapse. It's not your responsibility anymore.

  • What she does is none of your business! You might believe you have rights? you don't! Simple as that. She does what she wants, when she wants, with whoever she wants. You have no control over that.

  • Get real! There are many reasons she did what she did. Most of them have to do with fulfilling her own needs. Get real about who she is and what she wanted. Don't defend her.

Again, in a break up situation, you need to wake up your power and see this as a battle for survival. Soft approaches don't work! It is a waste of your precious time.

You have the power to force yourself into a new mind set. This new mind set gives you freedom, space and instant recovery. Sure, you won't get all the negative attention from friends and family (poor thing...).

The question is: what do you want?

This is about your own survival.

Do what it takes to express your full power.

Guys! Get this: