May 26, 2009

Everything you say is exactly right

Everything you say is exactly right


Just want to let you know how appreciative I am for your get your power back series.

I went through a marriage break up. I was married for 22 years and then it all fell apart when my wife left me to live with another man. If it was not for your advise I could not see myself making it through all the pain.

Everything you say is exactly right and to include her wanting to come home at the very worst time. She wanted to come back when I got my power back. I did feel good about myself and we did not get back together. It's amazing how fast you really can come out of feeling bad with your advise.

It's been 2 years now since our break up and I feel great. My wife feels bad about things. Recently I sincerely told her that she needs to quit feeling guilty and I really do forgive everything.

I would not have been able to do that for her without your help in getting my power back."