May 25, 2009

Half measures do not work with break up recovery...

Okay, what I am going to say is radical.

The truth is that half measures do not work with break up recovery.

You have two options:

The first one is to nurture her memory.

You can go to therapy and spend hours talking about the way she made you feel.

You can spend months trying to understand why she did it.

After a while, all your friends will run away.

They will use words like pathetic and loser when they talk about you.

The second option is to get your full power back.

A break up is a battle situation.

It is a crisis.

You have been invested in this girl or woman for months, maybe years.

After you break up, you keep on giving. You get back nothing.

Your whole mind set needs to shift and be repolarised to one single priority: you!.

There is no soft approach here.

She is in your mind and it is killing you.

It is a self destructive spiral which annihilates your life.

Why? Because she is in your mind.

More! She has power over you.

You are not master of yourself anymore.

What you want is a new mind set.

The old mind set of the victim or loser is killing you.

You want to defend your life, your territory.

How to do that?

You radically shift the way you stand in it, wake up your survival instinct and get over it.