May 22, 2009

Why guys tend to get stacked in the break up zone - ARTICLE

There are a few reasons of course, but here is one I did not really cover yet:

You tend to stay emotionally committed to your ex!

After a few month in the “break up zone” I hear many guys saying things like:

“I am not ready to date yet…”

And it IS true!

You need power and energy to invest into dating if you want to succeed.

I mean… YES!

The dating environment IS challenging.

But… What is being silently said as well is:

“I still hope that she will change her mind and come back to me…”

“I am not yet over her… She is still in my mind…”

When you start dating again, it can feel almost as if you “betray” her in your mind.

She broke up with you but part of you is still emotionally commited to her.

Imagine that she sees you with another girl, wouldn’t you get some of this gut-guilt feeling that you are betraying your ex?

And then realize… “hang on… We are no longer together!!! I am free to see who I want!!!”

This is the play of emotional attachment/detachment that goes on after breakup.

So, if you are trapped in these emotional commitment patterns, wake up and realize that you are free!

You are no longer a couple!

She broke up with you!

Your relationship is over!

You are a free man!

Reason yourself when you fall into this emotional commitment trap and stand for your right to absolute and full emotional freedom.

It is your life and you decide what you do with it.

To your power!