June 17, 2009

But we were meant for each other! - TIP


If it's the case, how come it is not with you she decides to be?

Maybe her reality does not match yours.

There are three ways you can look at a relationship.
  • Through your eyes.
  • Through her eyes.
  • Through the eyes of those around you.

Your perspective or your opinion is only one of those three, right?

Other people, especially her might see it from a totally different angle.

I agree with you, sometimes you have so many "signs" that tell you that this was meant to happen.

And guess what, in a life time, these magic synchronicities can keep on happening with many different people.

This is called living in the flow.

This flow is not fixed!

It keeps on evolving and there is a lot beyond the filter of your mind and your own perception that maybe you can't see.

Even if this picture appers perfect to you it does not mean that it is perfect for everyone else especially her.