June 5, 2009

How to win the energy battle with your ex - ARTICLE

This victory is NOT against your ex.

This victory equals conquering emotional freedom.

Everything is energy, right?

You heard that before.

Your mind and body are a complex ecosystem of energies flowing through you.


When you are trapped in emotional pain, this means that energy blockages in your system are stopping the free flow of life force in you.

Pain IS a disturbance in your energy field.

When you want to get your life back, you aim at clearing all disturbances in your energy field.

These disturbances are undigested emotions and experiences.

They reflect an imbalance and this imbalance is linked with what is left of your ex in you.

The struggle that you face when in a break up zone is a conflict between your mind set and a reality that does NOT match this mind set.

I'll put this more simply.

In your mind, you are still thinking about a relationship that is no longer there.

Your emotions still reflect the romantic dream of an ex who is gone.

Reality on the other hand is a a space where you are now standing by yourself with total and full potential to create whatever you want, REALLY!

The moment you accept this present state (freedom) as your NEW reality, you let go of the dream of a past broken relationship.

See how it works?

You are in pain as long as your mind sets don't match reality.

This is what creates an internal conflict and disturbes your energy field.

Part of you is still polarized in dead end patterns that waste your energy.

On the other hand, when you reach this state of total emotional freedom and embrace your present and your new future, conflict stops, disturbances in your energy field disapear.

If you didn't get this, come back to this article and read it again.

This is the key to understanding what really goes on energy wise when you break up.

You still have disturbances in your energy field and the goal is to get rid of those blockages.

This is why you destroy traces of her presence in your personal environment.

Because when you see an object that reminds you of her, this strengthens the mind patterns that block your energy flow.

These objects are the anchors to these disturbances.

If you talk about her too much and feel undigested emotions and anger rising, the exact same thing happens.

You invoke memories and patterns which are disturbances in your energy flow.

I want to tell you again how essential it is to understand how energies work in you so that you can conquer your freedom in very CONSCIOUS WAYS.

The science of building emotional freedom in you is VERY PRECISE!

What if she is still in your mind but you don't feel disturbed by it?

It simply means that the mind sets associated with her are not strong enough to significantly disturb your energy flow.

It means that your life power is strong enough to overcome these resistances.

It is like a mountain stream flowing with power and removing obstacles as it follows its course.

In some cases, thinking of her can even feel empowering and energizing to you.

This means that she has become a sponsoring force for you rather than a limiting one.

In that situation, what she represents for you actually stimulates the flow of life force in your being rather than limiting it.