June 17, 2009

She's now getting married to another guy! - TIP

Yes! I know how it makes you feel...

Especially if she said many times she was not ready for that type of commitment, right?

Listen... Your life is moving on and there is only one way to stand in this: that's no longer any of your business.

Yes, you might need to find answers like "Why that guy?" or "Wasn't I good enough for her?".

Here is what I can tell you!

The fact that you are no longer together does not mean that you were wrong for each other or that you were not good enough.

It means that the cycle of what you could experience together came to an end.

If there is anything in your relationship abilities that you question, look at them clearly and do something about it.

A break up is a crisis and a wake up call to become a better person if you feel that's the issue.

On the other hand, it has a lot as well to do with compatibility and long term destiny line.

Your destiny lines no longer fit.

You might move to another country, or she wants kids and you don't, or it's an age difference, or there were simply too many tensions.

Yes! She's marrying someone else, so what?

You don't have to sponsor this marriage and go out of your way to tell her how happy you are for her, ok?

If you struggle with this, it measn she's still too present in your mind.

Go back to dating other women, clearing your personal space and refocusing your energy on yourself.

Stay focused and don't let this take you off track.

To your power!