June 18, 2009

What she really thinks when you say you can't live without her - TIP

She sees lack of emotional independence.

She sees neediness.

She thinks "I am responsible for making him happy".

You suddenly become a burden or responsability she doesn't want.

Can you see that?

In your mind, you think that sharing these profound feelings let her see how much you love her?

Of course they do!

Yes! She sees a guy who appears to be committed to her but she sees weakness as well.

This weakness is a turn off.

This type of line usually gives you the opposite to what you want. It actually makes her less attracted to you!

What to say instead?

"You want to break up? Sure - Let's put an end to this... I agree with you - I needed some space and freedom to see other people anyway - I think I am going to immensely enjoy the coming few weeks..."

You might think that saying this makes you appear unloving or uncaring?

That's NOT the message she hears!

She sees a guy who is super confident and about to have a really good time!

It challenges her!

In her mind, she already thinks of what's she's going to miss if she's not part of it...

To your power!