January 22, 2010

Do you feel pain right now? - ARTICLE

Pain can take many shapes and many forms.

Let’s look at “missing someone”.

Missing someone?

What is that?

It is an emotional gap, right?

When you miss someone, something strange happens with your emotions.

It is like some form of energy inside tearing you apart.

It is the same as hunger but on an emotional level.

You want to hug, to hold someone.

You want to kiss, make love, share, talk… Do all these things.

This is the toughest challenge when you break up.

You can go into therapy and nurture these feelings.

You can try to understand them.

It’s like mourning, right?

You feel this gap and want to act on it.

What I will say now might surprise you:

Your mind is a battle field.

When you feel pain, there is a battle of energies going on.

You feel pain because she is in your mind.

The way to get rid of the pain is to get your full power back and take back control of what happens in your mind.

When you saw the title of this book, you read the term power: “Get your power back”.

It is exactly that: get your power back.

This is the key to successfully moving on.

What is this key?

It is called emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom is exactly the opposite of missing someone.

How do you gain emotional freedom?

By reconquering the territory of your mind.

You feel pain because she is in your mind.

Tough to say, but a part of her wants you to be where you are right now: in pain.

It is a battle.

It has nothing to do with love.

A part of her is burning your mind and emotions and this is why you feel pain.

This has nothing to do with love: it is simple emotional attachment.

Love is empowering.

This is not empowering.

It creates a gap and destroys your being.

You think that by suffering you show you loved someone?

Not true!

When you suffer, you show only one thing: that you are a victim and that you don’t know how to let go.

A part of you wants to nurture the past relationship.

The temple of your couple did collapse.

It is gone.

Your dream does not match the physical reality.

This is why you feel pain.

Missing is an emotional instinctual response.

You can live with someone’s memory in your mind and still be totally happy.

You have the power to digest this pain and empower yourself through the process.


By going for change rather than resisting it.

Change is “renewal power”.

Missing is “preserving power”.

You try to hold onto something that no longer exists.

It is like trying to eat an imaginary pie.

It won’t feed you.

It will create a gap eternally.

A part of you has been “trained” to respond to a person’s memory by expressing a desire.

This is why your emotions respond.

You feel desire but also realize it’s only a dream.

What maintains this dream?

Pictures, memories, hopes…

All these elements stop you from moving forward.