January 22, 2010

How to deal with the emotional pain? - ARTICLE

Pain is isolation.

What hurts is the fact that there is no exchange of life force.

The solution?

Don’t isolate yourself.

You might not want to start a new relationship; this should not stop you from sharing intimacy with new women in your life.

Your ex does not like it?

Of course not!

Now, she is out of your life and you are the one who decides.

You are the boss.

What matters is what you want and what you need.

She does not feed you!

She sucks your life force right now.

She puts you in pain.

Don’t let her do that.

Break through!

Break free and connect with other women.


One night stands?

No need to.

You can share intimacy and love without yet committing yourself or jumping into a new relationship.

What matters is that you keep exchanging.

Sure, you can isolate yourself for a couple of days or even weeks to digest.

If it is your choice, it’s no problem.

On the other hand, if you feel the need, go and do what it takes to connect with other women.

Never be needy or demanding, though, as this is a massive turn off.

It is beautiful to hug someone.

No need to limit yourself in some form of emotional starvation.

There is a world of possibilities between a full relationship and a friendship.

Intimacy is okay in itself.

The main mistake you can do?

Going into sex too fast.

One night stands are okay if you want to, but they often generate negative after effects.

The “after sex effect” can be very destructive for you.

The solution?

Don’t have sex yet.

If you are simply flirting with a girl, enjoy it for what it is.

There is no need to jump too fast into sex.

You can play, have fun, share some kisses and intimacy and still, not loose or abandon yourself in a new connection.

What matters right now is to have your needs met.

So, flirt, light date and get your emotional needs met.

This is the first step.

A woman will give you validation and partially fill up an emotional gap.

This in itself is a release and will keep your life force alive.

It is okay.

You are not betraying anyone by doing that.