January 22, 2010

Sexual needs - ARTICLE

This is a chapter which goes far beyond your break up.

You can be a in a relationship and have a great sex life.

Or you can be committed and still be totally dissatisfied.

Sex is a natural human need.

When your ex takes off, you often end up with a gap on that level.

What to do?

Sexual energy is in you.

Now that you are by yourself, you need to find a strategy to deal with these needs.

Basically, you have 3 choices:

Suppress them for a while

Self pleasure

Find a new sex partner

We enter here into a new area.

Sex in itself is a vast chapter.

A new e-book would be needed to treat it.

On the long term, it is all about consciously mastering your sex life.

Sexual energy is a natural source of life force in you.

The way you use it impacts significantly on your life.

It is a world in itself and what you want is to find a way of establishing harmony and long term satisfaction on that level.

This break up is an occasion to discover more about your own sex life and how you function on that level.

Explore, read books, talk with friends, open up and gain extra skills on this topic.

Your life could greatly benefit from it on the long term.