January 22, 2010

Stay away from alcohol and drugs - ARTICLE

Alcohol and drugs are a self destructive spiral.

Stay away from them!

I know, you might have this mediatic cliché of this broken guy getting drunk at the bar while his partner took off with his best friend.

That’s not you!

It won’t be you!

This is pathetic!

You want to handle your break up in a different way.

You are in power.

You are not powerless.

Alcohol takes away your natural resources and stops you from rebuilding your mind.

It makes you over sensitive, vulnerable, drains your energy and is 100% useless in a break up situation.

The main risk in a crisis situation is to take a self destructive spiral.

Drugs and alcohol destroy you.

They are the best way to turn your break up into a big life mistake.

You end up doing stupid things, crash your car or even hurt yourself or someone else.

Picking up the pieces after a broken relationship is a challenge.

You need your full functional abilities to do that.

Stay away from anything which diminishes your resources.

You are designing a new way of handling your break up.

You are designing a new mind set.

If you add to the existing emotional challenge, you’ll make things worse!

Much worse!

Stay master of yourself and don’t go into altered states of awareness where you’ll lose yourself.