June 30, 2011

Why doe she still come after you? - What's her point? - ARTICLE

It’s stunning to see that your ex will harass you shamelessly.

They will contact you when you are trying to move on and are just dating someone else!

They will blame you for all the things you didn’t do!

And guess what?

You don’t have to listen!

You don’t have to play their game!

It’s YOUR life, not theirs!.

So, next time They are at your door step wanting to start a fight, simply don’t let it happen!

Say something like:

“I would love to speak with you but I have to get ready. I am living in a moment to go out”

You see, this is your property!

They have no right to invade your space!

Why? Because it’s against the law!

They need to respect the law as anyone else.

The only reason why people might cross your boundaries is because you are too soft and allow them to do so.

Now, you heard that already in the past, right?


Defend yourself!

It is your most basic human right to do so.

You do it by reinforcing clear boundaries and getting them to respect you!

You simply have to learn to say “No!”, “No, Thanks!”, “Not Now!” or “Enough!”.