June 30, 2011

Why do you feel so much tension between you and your ex? - ARTICLE

It is an accumulation of things.

Resentment is something that builds up over years.

When your ex freaks out over something stupid, it’s not just the latest event that triggers them.

It is often years of frustration and resentment.

It blows out of proportion because it’s like a built up fire suddenly breaking lose.

Sometimes, the only way to solve this tension is to stay away from each other and never meet again.

If that’s not an option, you need to do your part to bring back some harmony before it’s too late.


I mean, don’t fight their poisonous swords with a flower.

You need weapons to fight weapons.

BUT… You can as well ad new respect and diplomacy!

An open war is never a good thing!

Especially when you have a bunch of kids at home witnessing how their parents tear each other apart.

So, what do you do.

You put distance first!

Protect yourself by not allowing space for conflict.

Spaces for conflict happen:

  • When you spend too long on the phone.
  • When you try to develop a friendship.
  • When you just had casual sex with your ex.
  • When you try to rearrange stuff that was already agreed.
  • Etc.

You have dozens of potentially explosive situations with your ex.

Be smart and don’t fall in these traps by avoiding them altogether.